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22.6MP rear camera with dual-tone LED Flash
2017, Frebuary
2017, Frebuary
128GB / 256GB internal memory, 6GB RAM
Nokia P1
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Flag ship destroyer King of Mobile Phone “Nokia” is launching P1 which is surely a high end device with lots of  stunning designs and feature that we wish to have in our smartphone in 2017. In matter of design Nokia P1 is truly a remarkable and perfect device for everyone else.The cased in full aluminum body that gives shiny looks and glow feel from distance and it attract everyone  forNokia P1’s remarkable beauty. Further you will experience better display quality and gaming experience with 5.5 ” LCD of Nokia’s P1 which is eqquipped with Quad HD IGZO display which will re define the display and it will take it to new heights that was never achieved before in the history of mobile phone. Nokia made P1 with so much care and love that there may be very little room for error in such amazing flagship device in will get to know more complete specification details of nokia 6 by every aspect.

Under the hood snapdragon 835 chipset is used to power up Nokia phone while 6GB of RAM is installed inside P1 which is used to handle the multi-tasking and gaming department of handset without hanging the whole system.There is no question of slow in the system of p1. Fingerprint sensor is mounted inside home button of P1 that give extra layer of security to phone and keep your data protected from open access 256 GB of RAM(Random Access Memory) is used for housing purposes while a storage micro SD card slot is also provide inside P1 filled that used to expand memory further with a secure data card and TF card. Only single SIM powered device can support both 3G and LTE data connection for more. P1 is painted in three beautiful colors which are black, white and silver which are the famous mobile set color. Android OS is running out of box which is used control all hardware according to our commands. 23.3 MP is attached to the back of P1 by Nokia which has ultra fast reflexes that can automatically adjust the images to their best position and captures them in blink of an eye.

Nokia P1 is truly example of great flagship device and it has the power to mold the top charts by taking high position in top ranks among its competitor.Further More the price of Nokia p1 varies by country to country. The price of Nokia p1 in North Korea, Malaysia, Yemen, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Kosovo, Haiti,Chennai Delhi Bangalore Kolkata Hyderabad UP Pune Mumbai Albania, The Georgia, Croatia, Jordan, Rwanda, Bahamas, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Mali, Switzerland, Montenegro, Republic of the, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Niger, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, precio Spain, Solomon Islands, Cambodia, Kenya, Serbia, Estonia, Senegal, Marshall Islands, Macau, Timor-Leste, Liechtenstein, Grenada, France, Macedonia, Mongolia, Luxembourg, Sudan, Guinea-Bissau, Botswana, Gambia, Monaco, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Taiwan, Syria, Comoros, Suriname, Palau, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Peru, Seychelles, Holy See, Korea, Cameroon, Kuwait, Iraq, Brunei, Romania, Belarus, Curacao, Panama, Mauritius, Cyprus, San Marino, Vietnam, Ukraine, Eritrea, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden, Uganda, Netherlands Antilles, Trinidad and Tobago, Benin, Burma, Togo, Australia, Philippines, Uruguay, Democratic Republic of the, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, North, Madagascar, Namibia, Lesotho, Russia, cena Czech Republic, Qatar, El Salvador, South Sudan, Papua New-Guinea, Netherlands, Liberia, Dominica, Argentina, Aruba, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, Turkey, Saint Lucia, Cuba, Belgium, Latvia, Barbados, Egypt, Lithuania, Norway, Nauru, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Bangladesh, Oman, Chad, The Bahrain, Israel, Ecuador, Portugal, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cote d-Ivoire, Tanzania, Somalia, Djibouti, Iran, Japan, Maldives, Azerbaijan, Chile, Laos, South Korea, Bolivia, Congo, Jamaica, Sint Maarten, Uzbekistan, Cape Verde, Nicaragua, Guinea, Palestinian Territories, Libya, Sierra Leone, Iceland, Moldova, Preis Germany, Angola, Micronesia, Ethiopia, East Timor (see Timor-Leste), Brazil, Paraguay, Poland, Nepal, Korea, India, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Bhutan, Ghana, Belize, Zambia, Algeria, Canada, New Zealand, Greece, Andorra, Slovenia, Congo, Colombia, prezzo in Italy, Honduras, Venezuela, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Mexico, Mauritania, Thailand, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, Tunisia, Harga in Indonesia, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Guyana, Burundi, Fiji, Mozambique, Hungary, Swaziland, Morocco, Malta, Central African Republic, Saudi Arabia, China, Sao Tome and Principe, South, Samoa, Gabon, Tuvalu, Tonga and Zimbabwe listed below.

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